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A 107-year-old man was shot dead in Arkansas after exchanging gunfire with a SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team. Local authorities say the centenarian was killed after he refused to surrender.

According to reports, police officers responded to a domestic disturbance involving an aggravated assault against two people at a residence in Pine Bluff, where suspect, Monroe Isadore, was on Saturday evening. The victims allegedly said Isadore had pointed a gun at them. They were quickly led out of the house by police, reported.

When the officers approached the bedroom where he was hiding, Isadore shot through the door. No one was hit, however. Police retreated and called for additional help, namely SWAT officers who then engaged in negotiations with the 107-year-old suspect.

They placed a camera into the room where Isadore had taken refuge to verify that he was indeed armed with a handgun.

Having failed to reach an agreement with the old man, officers fed gas into his room through a bedroom window, assuming Isadore would be left with no choice but to surrender.

The die-hard old-timer began firing rounds at the SWAT officers instead.

The officers broke down the door to the bedroom and threw in a distraction device.
Despite this, Isadore shot at the entry team, whereupon officers returned fire, shooting him dead.

Source: RT

A 107 year old man alone with a hand gun is gunned down by a SWAT team with automatic weapons. Why not blow up the house with a drone? Why not bomb the house? Why kill him?

“Chaplain’s Corner: No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave All in World War II”

By Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes

Many have heard the familiar phrase, “There is no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole.”
Where did this come from?

Research I verified in an interview with former World War II prisoner of war Roy Bodine (my friend) indicates the phrase has been credited to Father William Cummings.

As the story goes, Father Cummings was a civilian missionary Catholic priest in the Philippines.
The phrase was coined during the Japanese attack at Corregidor.

During the siege, Cummings had noticed non-Catholics were attending his services.
Some he knew were not Catholic, some were not religious and some were even known atheists.
Life-and-death experiences prompt a reality check.

Even the strongest of beliefs can change, and, I may add, can go both ways – people can be drawn to or away from “faith.”

With the pending surrender of allied forces to the Japanese, Cummings uttered the famous phrase “There is no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole.”

In one of my many discussions with Roy, he distinctly remembered a period on the “Hell Ships” – these were ships the Japanese used to bring POWs from the Philippines back to Japan.

They were unmarked and thus ‘fair game’ for attacks from the allies from the air and sea.
Of the 3,000-plus POWs listed on the ships, only 180 survived the journey.

“When our own planes were attacking us,” Roy said, “I remember Father Cummings calming us down by reciting the Lord’s Prayer and offering up prayers on our behalf.

For a brief moment I did not hear the yells and screams of dying men as our boat was attacked by our own men.”

He went on to say, “There was a peaceful quiet during the attack that I cannot explain nor have experienced since.”

Later on during the trip to Japan, Cummings, after giving his food to others who needed it more, succumbed to his own need and died of starvation.

Everyone expresses some form of faith every day, whether it is religious or secular.

Some express faith by believing when they get up in the morning they will arrive at work in one piece, thankful they have been given another opportunity to enjoy the majesty of the day; or express relief the doctor’s results were negative.

The real question is, “Is it important to have faith in ‘faith’ itself or is it more important to ask, ‘What is the object of my faith?’”

Roy never affirmed or expressed whether his faith was rooted in religion or not, but for a moment in time on the “Hell Ships,” he believed in Cummings’ faith.

What is the root or object of your faith?

Is it something you can count on in times of plenty or loss; peace or chaos; joy or sorrow; success or failure?

Is it something you can count on in times of plenty or loss; peace or chaos; joy or sorrow; success or failure?

What is ‘faith’ to you?

Sources: Fox News and Oath Keepers

Posted by Laurence Vance on April 28, 2013 01:43 PM

I still occasionally hear people say that young men should join the military so they can grow up and become men. But will joining the military make you a man? It might. But it might also, or might instead, make you a killer (in an unjust war or in America when you come home), a drug addict, a victim of suicide, an abuser of alcohol, a legless man, or a brain-injury basket case. Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, a two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, said about military service: “Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.” If you want to be your own man, stay out of the military and work a real job–that will make you a man without baggage to carry around the rest of your life.

Look at rifles starting around 1:15.

Side note: Is this a solid Marine formation?


The Wounded Knee Massacre occurred on December 29, 1890,[4] near Wounded Knee Creek (Lakota: Čhaŋkpé Ópi Wakpála) on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, USA. It was the last battle of the American Indian Wars. On the day before, a detachment of the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment commanded by Major Samuel M. Whitside intercepted Spotted Elk’s band of Miniconjou Lakota and 38 Hunkpapa Lakota near Porcupine Butte and escorted them five miles westward (8 km) to Wounded Knee Creek where they made camp.

The remainder of the 7th Cavalry Regiment arrived led by Colonel James Forsyth and surrounded the encampment supported by four Hotchkiss guns.

On the morning of December 29, the troops went into the camp to disarm the Lakota. One version of events claims that during the process of disarming the Lakota, a deaf tribesman named Black Coyote was reluctant to give up his rifle, claiming he had paid a lot for it.[6] A scuffle over Black Coyote’s rifle escalated and a shot was fired which resulted in the 7th Cavalry’s opening fire indiscriminately from all sides, killing men, women, and children, as well as some of their own fellow troopers. Those few Lakota warriors who still had weapons began shooting back at the attacking troopers, who quickly suppressed the Lakota fire. The surviving Lakota fled, but U.S. cavalrymen pursued and killed many who were unarmed.

By the time it was over, at least 150 men, women, and children of the Lakota Sioux had been killed and 51 wounded (4 men, 47 women and children, some of whom died later); some estimates placed the number of dead at 300. Twenty-five troopers also died, and 39 were wounded (6 of the wounded would later die).[7] It is believed that many were the victims of friendly fire, as the shooting took place at close range in chaotic conditions.

Source: Wikipedia


Illegal Activities within the Alaska National Guard

Murder, Sexual Assault, Narcotic Trafficking, and other violations are reported. It’s not that any proper investigations are performed and the results produced. But rather they are not investigated. The only actual investigations conducted are against the whistleblowers themselves.

We have hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent on illegal purchases. We have a money –making religious cult being run out of a military office. We have lost facilities master-key control and sensitive equipment missing from our facilities. We have soldiers being sexually assaulted. We have soldiers coming forward wanting out of our organization’s drug culture. We have repeat attempts by senior personnel to keep minorities from being promoted or assigned to important positions. We have reports of drug cartel influence in conjunction with domestic terrorists. And we have a soldier and her baby dead 2 days after she tried to come forward with what she knew. But the only persons that are investigated, get counseled, or lose their jobs are the victims or the whistleblowers that enforced law and regulations.
Major General Tom Katkus:

Retired from Anchorage Police Department. Has close ties to corrupt personnel from APD and Alaska State Troopers.

Command appointed Joe Lawendowski to the AKARNG Recruiting and Retention Battalion, after command transferring Ken Blaylock out when he refused to allow mismanagement and illegal activities in R&R.

AST and APD personnel told Katkus that a drug taskforce was about to arrest some R&R personnel and Katkus let the drug dealers know to get rid of the evidence.

Covered up Sexual assaults and protects Rapists.

Arranged for Sensitive Property to be stolen for Domestic Terrorists (Sovereign Citizens).

Directed the creation of GMD/Puerto Rican/Colombian Drug Cartel connection.

Held a Council of Colonels meeting with COL DeHaas where they spoke against a whistleblower
and told those present there is no place for him in the organization because he reported Drug
Trafficking and Sex Crimes.

Directed 4 separate officers to perform an AR 15-6 investigation for missing weapons as each in
turn found LTC Blaylock free of responsibility. The investigations took place 2 and a half years after LTC Blaylock left the position of responsibility for the weapons. LTC Blaylock had completed a close out inventory with the property book officer and accounted for all property right before deploying to Iraq. In the intervening 2 and a half years no less than 12 other personnel had access to the vault. The weapons were found in the home of an APD friend of Katkus, with other stolen military property, after the APD cop was arrested for Sex Crimes.

Ordered LTC Blaylock to reveal to him and a room of people the names of 4 Sexual Assault Victims LTC Blaylock had reported to the Police.

Coordinated with his friends at APD and AST that any sexual assault cases involving National Guard personnel would be turned over to him for investigation.

Ignored report when MSG Nieves from R&R was moonlighting as a bouncer for a the local no holds barred fights, that R&R sponsors, when he impersonated a Sergeant Major and attempted intimidation of an off-duty African American Air National Guard Captain, while Nieves friend called the captain and his 15-year old son niggers because they were sitting in “reserved seats” when it was open seating.

Keeps a Nazi Dagger on his desk.

Since Katkus has been in charge we have missing more and more equipment from the armory on Fort Richardson. As an example are stolen night vision devices. And yet where is the CID investigation(s). Federal military sensitive equipment; stolen from a building that is mostly funded with federal funds; located on a federal military installation. If a crime is committed on Fort Richardson by anyone, CID is notified to investigate. If CID determines the FBI or State Troopers should have the case, then CID will turn it over to them. But our current leadership somehow arranges to leave CID out of the loop. This is a Federal Crime on a Federal Installation. That means that State and City police do not have jurisdiction. So has the FBI, or anyone else for that matter, briefed CID on the progress of their investigations on the missing federal equipment? No, you are left out of the loop just as then COL Bridges alluded to when he said to challenge law enforcement investigations.

Katkus had a dual responsibility of being in charge of both the GMD and the Counter Drug unit during the time frames mentioned. He had a Uniformed Technician Position Monday through Friday and simultaneously assigned to a different Drill Weekend Position, which is common in the National Guard.

The audit completed in 2007 on our Counter Drug Program, falls under Katkus as well. He was directly in charge of the unit and personnel during the time of the illegal transactions, and set the procedures to be followed. The audit identifies waste, fraud, and abuse in the amounts of $49,000.00 to $85,400.00. This shows similar violations to those in Recruiting & Retention. However, looking at the names of the reviewers will demonstrate why the audit was never accepted: COL Brad Jorgensen is the husband of COL Catherine Jorgensen and was responsible for covering up illegal activities himself; BG Katkus had just left the position, was the person directly responsible for the illegal expenditures, and was the commander of the other personnel on the review list; MAJ Lowery was just command appointed by Katkus into her position and answered to him; MAJ Grell worked for COL Jorgensen, and had just been hired from the Army Reserve where he was a 2-time Passover for promotion to LTC, (COL Catherine Jorgensen wrote all the necessary documents to get Grell a waiver for promotion in the Guard even though he was a 2-time Passover for promotion to LTC and should have been processed out. Furthermore, Grell was then given a control grade and promoted over several other AKARNG Majors that had made the promotion list. Grell was indebted to the Jorgensen’s). So no one that reviewed the audit was going to do anything about it except threaten Wendell Orr for creating it.

Brigadier General Leon Mike Bridges, former G4 and new AAGAR:

For his support of MG Katkus, COL’s DeHaas and Jorgensen, and LTC Lawendowski he has received the Star that Colonel Dave Osborne was supposed to receive.

Was the AR 15-6 investigator on LTC Blaylock’s reporting to the police of Drug Trafficking and Sexual Assaults in the AKARNG. He writes that before he has spoken to the police that he has already drawn his conclusions against LTC Blaylock, and also states in his concluding paragraph that police investigations must be challenged.

As the G4 he wrote off numerous FLIPL’s (Financial Liability Investigation for Property Loss)and rubber stamped charges against soldiers, without proper investigations and never took into account that all facility Security was compromised with COL DeHaas possessing access to secured equipment around the state. Domestic Terrorists (Sovereign Citizens/Shaffer Cox) were caught with what seems to be many of our missing items.

Has been heard at meetings with subordinates calling whistleblowers a cancer in the organization.

Tells subordinates at meetings that victims of sexual assault must be brought to the chain of command, which will further bring reprisal against the victims when people without a need to know get their names.

Colonel Tim DeHaas, Chief of Staff (Retired):

Ordered LTC Blaylock to reveal to him and a room of people the names of 4 Sexual Assault Victims LTC Blaylock had reported to the Police.

Told LTC Blaylock, in front of the then AKNG Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, that any future sexual assaults or other crimes were to be reported to him not the police.

Held a Council of Colonels meeting with MG Katkus where they spoke against a whistleblower and told those present there is no place for him in the organization because he reported Drug Trafficking and Sex Crimes.

Assisted Major Dorn with smuggling AK47’s out of Iraq.

Threatened Sexual Assault Victim to not go forward with her complaint.

After an NCO instructor was investigated for repeat physical assaults on students, and found at fault when several other instructors witnessed it, Col DeHaas prevented his legal removal from his full-time position and had the soldier work directly for him.

Allowed a junior officer to get a full-time position after it was shown that the junior officer had
forged another senior officer’s signature on an official document.

Used AKARNG Blackhawk helicopters for personal Bear Hunts. Soldiers that reported it received

Used $3,000 from State Safety Budget to purchase Personal Coins.

Created Hostile work environment.

Now has a $147,000 FLIPL for a Facilities Master Key he took with him when he left the state.
There was never any justification for him to have a master key giving him access to facilities around the state, which he possessed when property has come up missing that others were charged for. Domestic Terrorists Sovereign Citizens were caught and arrested with what seems to be many of our missing items.

COL DeHaas has since this time been found to be responsible for at least the $147,000 per the investigation against him, because of his illegal possession of the key, but now Brigadier General Bridges has decided to not hold him at fault, not charge him for the $147K, but rather to hold all the subordinates financially responsible for the property that DeHaas had illegal access to and is now missing. The tax-payers and lower ranking soldiers will pay the for the several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of property stolen.

Spoke freely several names of sexual assault victims, compromising their security and dignity.

Offered a victim special favors of an assignment she could never hope to complete.

Attempted to intimidate Our Regional Training Institute Instructors and Staff to falsify Officer Candidate documents on a follower of Religious Extremist LTC Joe Lawendowski. When they refused to falsify them, DeHaas signed them himself, allowing a person to be planted into the military system as an officer with a false paper trail.

Noted for hanging out with local Hell’s Angels.

Colonel Catherine Jorgensen, Chief of Staff:

Forwarded her own General Officer Packet with a false claim of Brigade Command.

Sabotaged Colonel Dave Osborn’s General Officer Packet so he wouldn’t be promoted.

Went to NGB with CSM Clint Brown, and falsely told them that then Major Blaylock wanted to
be removed from the R&R Command position after he refused to allow mismanagement and illegal activities in R&R, so that NGB would then support Katkus’ illegal removal of Blaylock.

Showed no concern or follow up for reported sexual assault victims.

Covered up her part in MSgt Jason Johnson’s several hundred thousand dollar Government Purchase Card Fraud, over a period of several years. Johnson was arrested and Jorgensen was one of the people that approved the funds spent.

Shows favoritism for Caucasians and against minorities in assignments and promotions. Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Lawendowski, Recruiting Retention Commander:

Command Appointed to the position by Katkus after illegally removing Blaylock.

Founded The Berean Watchmen, his own religion. On the surface a typical Christian organization. However, as a full time commissioned officer he has a website that condemns other religions and disciplines such as Yoga, Mormonism, Catholicism, etc.

Uses his website as a fundraiser with connections around the world, including the Middle East.

He uses the official Fort Richardson Military Work office for doing his “church business.”

Assisted one of his religious followers (Lieutenant Harkelroad) to attend Officer Candidate School on falsified documents, thus planting him in our military organization.

Has spoken of support for the “Sovereign Citizens” member that have been arrested for attempts to kidnap and kill a Federal Judge and State Troopers. They were caught with stolen military property that looks like a shopping list of items missing from the AKARNG.

His Government Purchase Card records show over $200,000 of illegal purchases, including
purchases to businesses in the Middle East. 􏰀 Fired the R&R Quality Assurance Reviewer after he identified illegal recruiting activities and attempted to report them.

38th Troop Command, Brigade:

No unit Identification Code.

Authority for this unit has been repeatedly denied by both DA and NGB.

AGR’s taken from real units to work in a non-existent unit.

Funds from real units used to support the fictitious 38th TC.

In the past our specialty units fell under the state headquarters. 38th TC is unnecessary.

This is a “Front Business” or “Front Unit” to protect and hide organized criminal activities from other units.

Any investigations into reports or complaints towards GMD, R&R, or the AVN Battalion must first go through their fictitious higher HQ the 38th TC. This fictitious brigade was used to give COL Jorgensen a BDE Command for her General Officer packet.

Ground Based Midcourse Missile Defense (GMD) at Fort Greely Alaska:

Defense system to intercept nuclear missiles attacking this hemisphere. Security there is compromised.

Sex Club participation is mandatory if you want to get promoted.

Sexual Assaults and Drug Trafficking covered up. Reprisal against victims and anyone trying to report them.

In conjunction with R&R full-time personnel are recruited from Puerto Rico. Taking people with
English as a second language, for the missile defense of the hemisphere, from a tropical environment to a sub-arctic environment. There are no recruiting projects to get personnel from any other state. Puerto Rico is the Drug Cartel Connection to the GMD.

The push to recruit from Puerto Rico did not start until Katkus became the AKARNG commander and directed it to happen.

Drugs are flown in from Puerto Rico to the FT Greely airstrip and dropped off without having to go through any type of inspection. Private planes and visitors pick up packages and take them away. Greely personnel stand guard while the transactions take place.

In October of 2010 the largest FBI raid in history was done in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican Military, Police, Prison Guards, and National Guard personnel were arrested as part of a Colombian Cartel.

Recruiting and Retention Battalion:

Commanded by LTC Joe Lawendowski and CSM Brad Quigley.

Quigley came from GMD where he covered up sexual assaults and drug dealing, and where he and his wife had sex parties with subordinates.

R&R currently spends 5 times as much money and has twice as many personnel as any previous time in history. Yet they have managed to drop Alaska to the bottom of 54 states and territories in recruiting and retention statistics.

Hiring personnel with criminal records and no high school diplomas. Falsifying documents while ignoring qualified persons trying to get in.

Actively building up the criminal element in the organization.

Numerous Rapes and Drug use in R&R. 􏰀 Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) new recruits are initiated with under-age drinking and sex parties. Young girls are Raped by Senior R&R personnel.

Aviation battalion:

Until recently, controlled by COL DeHaas, the senior Aviator in the state.

Trafficking of Drugs.

Sexual assaults.

Military aircraft used for hunting trips.

Weapon smuggling from Iraq. Sexual Assaults:

Everything from Unit Drunken Parties thrown by our command where girls are passed out and sexually assaulted, to a new recruit that had a gun put to her head and forced to use her body to pay for drugs.

A soldier from GMD confirmed he saw men holding a woman’s arms and pouring alcohol down her throat. He found her later coughing, spitting, and crying and he said she had been obviously raped. The victim reported the event to her First sergeant within hours of the event. She was put on lockdown and not allowed to speak with law enforcement personnel, receive medical attention, or a rape kit for a full week. She was later assigned to give the mandatory sexual assault awareness briefings to the unit.

Reprisal if you report it.

When reported to the chain of command, victims are re-victimized, bad-mouthed, lied about, and receive no help they are supposed to.

Victims are still bleeding from the damage over a year later. Damage is psychological as well as physical. Torn Vaginas, Torn Rectums, etc.

Local Corrupt Police Turn Over Sexual Assault Reports to MG Katkus for Him To Investigate. But we are the National Guard, and have no authority to investigate criminal activities. In short, Sexual assaults are not investigated.

Michelle LaRose Clark:

Told a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator and a Chaplain Assistant she feared for her life because of what she had seen.

She was 6 months pregnant.

On 14 January 2011 she asked LTC Blaylock for help. She was afraid to talk to him in public and
said she would meet with him the following week. She said she had personal knowledge of Sexual Assault and Drug deals in Aviation and Recruiting & Retention. She wanted to tell the police but was afraid. She was afraid of the Chain of Command. She said “Sir, they’re going to kill me.”

On 16 January 2011 she was found Dead.

Although Alaska does not allow for an inconclusive autopsy report on a pregnant woman, her cause of death was inconclusive.

The autopsy was cut short after completing only 3 of 50 required toxicology tests.

No autopsy report was produced for the baby.

The Placenta was secured in a sealed bag with the body, and then disappeared for the autopsy.

The person performing the autopsy once lost his license because of his addiction to drugs.

LTC Blaylock, the SARC, and the Chaplain Assistant have tried to report what Michelle said before she died.

SSG Leslie Dirkes (907 748-3618):

Raped at Ft Greely. As her story goes, she had a beer and then woke up after having been violently raped. She now flashes small memories of the event. Within hours she reported to the First Sergeant. She was then put on lockdown, not allowed to speak to others, did not get a rape kit, did not get proper medical care, and was not allowed to see the proper law enforcement for a full week after the incident. Leslie then received additional duties, including becoming the person who briefed the unit on sexual assault awareness. She received counseling regarding her work performance not being as good as it used to be. And she was harassed by other personnel and superiors.

A Corporal was the first person to find her. He states that he witnessed several men holding Leslie’s arms and forcing alcohol into her mouth in the barracks. He tried to get one of the soldiers to come away with him. The others outranked him and suggested he go away. Goff left the area but came back later and found Leslie crying and spitting. He says it was clear she was raped. Goff then called for help. Later he says there was a statement attributed to him that was not the statement he made. He also believes that an NCO that tried to help Leslie to be treated properly, and raised an issue about improper procedures was also raped, then left guard after that.

Backing SSG Leslie Dirkes’ story up a few years, the following events happened:

Leslie’s son had been witness to drug dealings. He was working at a Pizza Hut alone one night. He was under 21 and the restaurant served alcohol so he had been left alone illegally, as the other workers of legal age had chosen to leave. That night he was led into a freezer, put on his knees, and shot in the back of the head. Essentially killed execution style.

Her son’s boss was shot a few months later.

Leslie’s son in law reported drug dealings and was threatened he would be punished through his family.

Leslie’s grandchildren were in her home with the big kids watching the little kids. A fire started and the older child got out but one child died in the fire and another died later in the hospital. The 3 year old that survived in an upstairs suitcase, said she was hiding from the man in a hood that came in the house and poured “gas” on her cousin (the son of her son in law that was threated he would be punished through his family), and then set him on fire. 2 charcoal lighter fluid cans were found in the house after the fire, but they didn’t own a charcoal grill.

Leslie will tell you she doesn’t like and fears both CSM Quigley at FT Greely because he was one of the people who punished her at Greely. And MG Katkus because of the way he came around after the fire and intimidated both her and her husband.

Leslie says they had vandalism as well including lug nuts being loosened on their vehicle. SSG Leslie Dirkes and her family were witness to or aware of drug dealings. So her son is illegally left alone and killed. His boss is shot a few months later. Her son in law is threatened through his family because he is going to talk. His son is set on fire, killing 2 children, and burning her house down. While Leslie is still trying to grieve and recover from this trauma, she finds herself the very next year command directed to move to a hardship location without her family. She is then violently raped, later requiring surgery, and punished for not being quiet about the rape.

MG Katkus was in charge of the Missile Defense Command from 2004 to 2007, and created the environment that led to the rape.

AR 15-6 investigation into me:

In April and May 2010 I had several conversations with Master Sergeant John Nieves from Recruiting and retention.

He told me he was involved with things he wanted out from. There were bad things going on at R&R. He told me General Tom Katkus had in his words: “he gave us the heads up on that whole Prieto thing, and told us to “get rid of the evidence before any arrests were made.”

Eddy Prieto, I found out later, was working undercover for the police at R&R. An ongoing investigation was culminating in arrests at R&R (Prieto had evidence on R&R).

I had also been approached by several women telling me they had been victims of sexual assault. R&R came up several times as the unit where a predator or predators were assigned to. I also heard that the chain of command was the problem several times. Some of them had issues with going to our SARC. They were very much afraid of Reprisal and their names getting out to the wrong people. I eventually talked some of them into going to Gretchen Nealy, our SARC.

I talked to a Guardsman I know who is also a member of the Anchorage Police Department (Chris Simmons) about what to do with the information I had. He connected me to another APD and Guard member (Seth McMillan).

McMillan listened to my information. He told me he was a member of a Drug Task Force and that Nieves was a “Person of Interest” to them. He asked me if I could give Nieves his phone number and tell him if he really wants out of something bad and has information for the police, then McMillan will talk to him. McMillan also told me he could speak with the victims himself if the felt safer talking to a guardsman, he could arrange for them to speak with the Sex Crimes personnel, he could refer them or help them through the necessary processes to assist victims. But since Nieves was from R&R, he might have information on the alleged sex crimes.

I talked to several victims and they said they might be interested in speaking with the police if I could arrange it.

On 3 June I gave the phone number to Nieves. He said he did want to talk to the police.

That afternoon my Chief of Staff (Colonel Tim DeHaas) came to my office wanting to know what I was doing talking to the FBI. I told him I didn’t talk to the FBI. He said he knew I was talking to the Police and I told him I went to them initially on a SARC issue. Colonel DeHaas then dropped a name of a woman in the Guard and asked if she was the one making the complaint. I told him I would not discuss the names of victims. He left my office and I called Gretchen Nealy and asked her to come to my office so I could tell her what had happened. While she was there COL DeHaas came back to my office and informed me that if I ever had any information on criminal activity that I was not to go to the police or out of our organization, but I was to bring the information to him, and he would decide what to do with it.

The following day I was called in to General Katkus’ office. COL DeHaas was there. Also present were Seth McMillan, Lieutenant Tony Henry (APD) and Sergeant Derel Redick (APD).

Katkus and DeHaas repeatedly told me to tell them the names of the victims. I repeatedly told them I was trying to get the victims to talk to the police and was not going to give them the names.

I was again told to not take any information on crimes, both drug and sexual related, to the police; but to take that information to the Chief of Staff or to General Katkus.

McMillan told me later he could no longer talk to me, he was directed to not discuss anything I had told him, and he was not to pursue any of the information. He was told this by Lieutenant Henry. I was also told that Henry had told Katkus about the drug investigation before the arrests were made, that allowed Katkus to tell R&R to “get rid of the evidence.”

McMillan told me he could no longer talk to me but gave me the name of another police officer I should talk with. When I contacted him to ask about interviews for the sexual assault victims, he told me that they were briefed that all sexual assault reports involving the National Guard are turned over to MG Katkus for him to investigate.

The victims I had talked to are now essentially distrustful and afraid of the police. 􏰀 Any investigation or interviews with victims for sexual assaults were shut down before they even started.

Then COL Bridges did an AR 15-6 investigation on me.

There never was any investigation on what I reported to the police, only that I did report to the police, as if I had done something wrong or that I had created the story.

He then determined I had undermined the R&R chain of command by interfering with their attempts to kick Prieto out.

Bridges came to his conclusion before interviewing the police officer I had reported to, and states as much in his report.

Bridges states that he believes police officer McMillan is under scrutiny by his chain of command. But he never says where this information comes from. Did the police tell him that or was it Katkus manipulating the investigation. Which also begs the question; if the police officer I reported crimes to and then followed his instructions is in trouble, then why was I in trouble for following the directives of a police officer who gave me the wrong information?

Bridges suggests that Prieto was manipulating me. But at no time does he interview Prieto.

Bridges and the legal review state that Prieto is involved in trafficking narcotics himself, but they never state where that information comes from. It is a fact that Prieto has not been arrested nor charged with what he is accused of.

I actually never contacted Prieto, but rather he contacted me after the fact. He called me and asked me for advice. Prieto had resigned his full-time position but wanted to stay as a weekend guardsman. Although there are no part time positions in R&R, Prieto was kept as a part timer occupying the full time slot. His commander, LTC Lawendowski, told him not to show up to work anymore. Prieto knew he would be AWOL’d out if he didn’t show up to weekend drill, and asked me for advice. I told him to go to his chain of command. Go to COL Jorgensen, Lawendowski’s commander. and ask her what to do about reporting. So my interference in their processing out of Prieto was me telling him to use his chain of command.

This was thrown in to the investigation after the fact of me contacting the police to report drug and sex crimes.

Nieves, in his sworn statement, says “LTC Lawendowski is the most squared away hard nose commander this command has ever gotten.” Which to me shows the fear of almost ratting out his boss. Nieves must show his loyalty in a blatant manner, a manner which has no place in a sworn statement of such importance, but he knows who will be reading it.

Bridges found against me because Katkus wanted him to, and Bridges will do anything to keep the boss happy and get his star.

Bridges himself confirms that I did bring forth “3 or 4” sexual assault victims, (I brought 4 to the SARC but one had already talked to her. Gretchen Neely said that on average we get 1 sexual assault reported per month). I had identified 4 times as many sexual assaults as was the average. And yet this fact is brushed over as inconsequential. The investigation confirmed I did go to the police and the SARC with 4 sexual assault victims. And then I got a reprimand.

Of note is that a few months later a female soldier came to me for help. I took her to the IG and it is documented that her complaint was that she was sexually assaulted, and there were illegal drug dealings, while she was in the Recruit Sustainment Program at R&R. This is a female private confirming to the IG that what I had said and was punished for was true. And she even named Nieves as a person involved. Of course no one ever came back to me to review what I had originally brought forward.

FBI Interviews and sensitive information given to Katkus:

Soon after these events I was contacted by the FBI, anti-terrorism office. I gave an interview and provided all the information I had. At a later date I was contacted by the drug taskforce of the FBI office. They confirmed to me that there was an arrest that was going to be made at R&R but that someone had destroyed their case by releasing the information. I told them that Nieves had told me it was Katkus that told them to get rid of the evidence before the arrests. They told me that I was interfering with their attempts to salvage the investigation, essentially by defending myself from the investigations against me. They said I was bringing too much attention to what they were trying to do, and wondered if there was some way I would be willing to stop my actions. I told them that I would support them and not defend myself if the women who wanted their sexual assaults investigated were taken care of (in essence interviewed and cases opened on them and the perpetrators). The FBI told me they didn’t do sexual assault investigations but they would ensure the right people would get the cases started.

Soon after that Katkus and DeHaas had their council of colonels, where they told a room full of people that the information I gave the FBI was given to the State Troopers and Katkus’ friend at the Troopers (Holloway) gave it to Katkus. They further spoke that the field grade officer that gave the information to the FBI was not a team player and that he didn’t belong in the organization. And they expected loyalty from everyone else in the room.

None of the victims were ever interviewed, but they did receive reprisal after the information was given to Katkus.

SSG Henry Bendt:

MG Katkus “inspected” SSG Bendt’s supply room and directed that Night Vision devices be removed from the vault and placed on a shelf in a cage. SSG Bendt put the NVD’s in a locked locker in the cage. SSG Bendt later was told the general wanted the NVD’s on the shelf. SSG Bendt wrote a memo citing security issues and followed the 2-star general’s order. Someone stole the NVD’s soon after that.

Each state has a United States Property and Fiscal Office or USPFO. All Money, Property, or anything of Value Transactions must go through the USPFO. There is a USPFO warehouse that receives all property coming in to the state, going out of the state, or found in the state. The warehouse is a secured area that you must push a button and request through a speaker for entry. There are workers in all parts of the warehouse during all business hours. You must be signed out to leave with any property, which must be inspected by a USPFO worker before you may leave the secured area.

SSG Bendt was contacted by the USPFO warehouse to come pick up a radio with his unit’s serial number on it.

SSG Bendt followed procedures and was signed out with the radio. But it didn’t have a data plate, and the serial number was etched into the side.

Less than 24 hours later Bendt was accused of stealing the radio.

The radio was taken out of his control and determined that identification on the inside contradicted the serial number outside.

While Bendt was out of town a Master Sergeant had the supply specialist in the supply room
admit personnel to clean the place up. When Bendt returned he found that his sub-hand receipts had been thrown away. He recovered some, but not all of them, by digging through garbage in a dumpster.

Bendt was removed from the supply sergeant position. But no inventories were conducted until past the regulatory required time limit, with several non-responsible personnel having access, and before another supply sergeant replaced him.

Bendt’s supply specialist, who was on temporary orders, wrote a memo in support of him, then wrote a contradictory memo against him right before she was given a full time position by the people trying to hold Bendt responsible.

SSG Bendt was given a relief for cause NCOER signed by a Lieutenant Hoover. LT Hoover had never been in Bendt’s rating chain. The date on LT Hoover’s signature was when he was incarcerated for pleading no contest for a felony assault.

Although LT Hoover was automatically dropped from his full time position for pleading no contest on a felony, COL Jorgensen put him on temporary orders for a month while he was still in jail. And yes, this is totally illegal, but would explain why Hoover would be happy to sign something he had no authority to. Unless his signature was forged, which would point to another obvious violation.

Then COL Bridges, the state G4 Logistics Officer, rubber stamped a FLIPL holding Bendt responsible for missing property even though his sub-hand receipts had been thrown away, the regulatory time constraints had been violated, other personnel had been given access to the supply room, and the investigating officer himself states in writing that he did not review all available evidence. Furthermore, the dates on the signature blocks show that it was signed in reverse order. Essentially, a person working full-time for COL DeHaas produced a document and signed it, then gave it to the specialist who was supposed to produce it for her to sign after the fact. And COL Bridges approved a document he created himself then gave it to the investigating officer to sign after the fact.

It also turns out that COL DeHaas had a facilities master key that would give him access to the missing NVD’s as long as they weren’t in the vault or locker Bendt was ordered to take them out of. It was illegal for COL DeHaas to possess the key in question. COL DeHaas has since this time been found to be at fault for at least $147,000 because of his illegal possession of the key, but now Brigadier General Bridges has decided to not hold him at fault, not charge him for the $147K, and to still hold all the subordinates financially responsible for the property that DeHaas had illegal access to and is now missing.

Katkus arranged for items to be stolen. DeHaas then had access to the items that were stolen. Bendt was set up to take the blame for missing property creating the illusion of wrongdoing and distracting any attention away from what really happened. Bridges approved and helped create the illusion to support whatever Katkus and DeHaas wanted. Bendt ended up paying for missing property he had no control over, where numerous regulatory violations were required to turn people against him, because his testimony would take the attention back to Katkus.

MSG Odegaard:

1SG at Fort Greely/GMD

Soldiers came to him reporting drug dealings at Greely and their own drug abuse.

Odegaard reports this to CSM Quigely, Quigely tells him to not talk about it and it will be handled.

An AR 15-6 investigation is immediately started on Odegaard for sexual assault.

A part time guardsman that has applied for a full time position at GMD is appointed as the
investigating officer.

The investigation takes over a year (although regulations only allow for a maximum of 45

No one is ever identified as making the complaint.

Odegaard receives a General Officer Memorandum of reprimand.

Odegaard is relieved of his position.

After all this the investigation is completed with a determination that there is no validity to the charges.

Odegaard’s punishment is justified by saying he is guilty of fraternizing because he was drinking with subordinates at 2 official unit functions and at CSM Quigely’s home. These charges were never subjects of an investigation themselves; they were added after the fact. But this also begs the question of why no one else was punished for the same activities, especially CSM Quigely for having his party.

A First Sergeant tries to bring forward Drug use and trafficking. He is then brought under investigation. The investigator is a part time soldier from elsewhere, and is given his full time job to sway his findings. Odegaard is punished before the investigation is completed. The investigation takes over a year longer than regulatory allowed. The investigation finds no validity to the charges. This was all to keep him quiet and discredit anything he tries to report.

Source: Cryptome

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