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Herbs for effective blood pressure management

Posted on: November 8, 2013

(NaturalNews) One in three adults in the United States today has high blood pressure, medically referred to as hypertension. However, lots of people are not even aware they have this condition, simply because it has no warning signs and symptoms. It is typically caused by improper diet, smoking and alcohol abuse. When high blood pressure occurs along with increased levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, it could cause severe damage to the vital organs of the body. Nevertheless, this is now easy to detect and manage clinically and naturally.

Studies have indicated that smoking a cigarette can elevate one’s blood pressure for half an hour. Diet comprised mostly of fat and no exercise can result in high levels of cholesterol, which can lead to blood vessels becoming narrow due to fatty deposits. When this occurs, the heart will have more difficulty in pumping and circulating blood to the rest of the body. Chronic hypertension that is not properly managed can eventually lead to different outcomes such as stroke, heart attack and other heart ailments.

Conventional medicines for hypertension

Like other medicines today, medications used to manage hypertension may have certain side effects that need to be carefully monitored or treated as well when they occur. This means more drugs to take and more side effects that will need to be properly managed.

Natural remedies for hypertension

These treatments work efficiently as conventional medications. A lot of individuals were able to manage their blood pressure problems well by simply adapting a healthier lifestyle – cutting down on vices, eating healthy foods and engaging in a regular exercise routine.

Herbs for hypertension

Herbs are also beneficial in treating hypertension. They actually help in the prevention of high blood pressure and lowering or maintaining its levels. If you are clinically diagnosed with this condition, you will likely be given a prescription. However, there are other natural means to manage high blood pressure. These include:
Gotu kola (Hydrocotyle asiatica)
Garlic (Allium sativum)
Cayenne pepper
Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)
Hawthorn (Crataegus oxycantha)
Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia serpentina)
Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)
Ginger (Zingiber officinale)
Kelp (Fucus vesiculosus)
Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)
Stinging nettle
Black cohosh
An excellent example of an herb that has helped numerous people manage their high blood pressure is garlic. Like other herbs, it contains a number of compounds that can provide health benefits. Garlic helps in reducing fat in the body, can break up the accumulation of cholesterol on the arteries and clears out plaque that developed in the blood vessels. At the same time, it also lowers blood pressure and helps to improve the body’s defense against pathogens.

Magnesium is another natural substance that facilitates the regulation of vital mineral components, including sodium and potassium, in the blood.

Other benefits of herbs

A lot of herbs used to manage blood pressure facilitate regulated flow of blood in the entire body system.

Others can lower blood pressure by eliminating mucoid substance from arteries in the bronchus.

They can calm down the nervous system, eradicating tension and anxiousness, which have been proven to be major causes of the onset of hypertension.

They are rich in calcium and minerals which assist in the maintenance of the heart and blood vessels.

Herbs are proven effective alternative therapies. However, hypertension can be a severe condition if not treated properly. If it continues beyond the hazardous marks despite natural remedies, self-treatment needs to be stopped, and you should immediately have a medical practitioner perform an evaluation.

Source: Natural News


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