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10 great things about the USA, Inc shutdown

Posted on: September 30, 2013

1 Countdown to US default looms
Time to cut the credit card off. $17,000,000,000,000 seems like enough debt for our great, great, great, great grandchildren to NOT payoff. Sorry Central banks; we ain’t got the cash to pay you and we never will. Debt slave no more.

2 Hundreds of thousands of federal employees on furlough
A one-time layoff of 800,000 people working for the USA, Inc would make these folks find a productive position in the real world.

3 Troops’ paychecks stopped
Why do we need 1,400,000 active duty troops anyway? Empire USA can stop and young boys and girls can come home alive.

4 Women and children’s nutrition program threatened
We can support struggling families locally with giant, bloated government taking a cut of the money. Come to our Church, we’ll feed you.

5 $85 billion in cuts to federal programs
$85,000,000,000 We need to put this behemoth by much more.

6 Housing loans halted
USA, Inc backed loans will stop. Good. Go get a mortgage without Uncle Sams useless guarantee.

7 Trade talks scuppered?
Trade usually means exporting American jobs. Glad to hear they will stop talking.

8 Visa delays likely
Sorry to tourists. They will have to wait until we reopen

9 Space program on hold
Good. Privitize space. Open to anyone that can get there.

10 National parks, museums and zoos would close to the public
Why does USA, Inc own giant swaths of America? Public land should be open, without gate keepers, to the public.


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