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Adam Kokesh Denied Bail, Moved. Here are 6 Ways to Support Adam

Posted on: September 10, 2013

On 27 August, judge Patricia Broderick secretly rendered her decision against bail, once again, for Adam Kokesh.

That evening, Shield Mutual scheduled a call flood for the next day, Wednesday 28 August, to communicate to Patricia, over and over again if need be that we would like her to make her decision. Word came back via an Adam vs. The Man (AVTM) show intern from an unclear legal source that our call flood is harassment and we should stop immediately. We did not because call floods are a way for us to get redress of grievances with the government – a basic right.

During the call flood, Patricia’s secretary or clerk told us that she would make a decision by Friday but midstream changed her mind and announced that she had ruled against Adam the previous day.

Why is Adam being denied bail? After consulting with a former federal prosecutor, his analysis makes a lot of sense to me. Adam is a veteran, he claims he has PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and there are an untold number of others like him who have been used up and abused by the military-industrial complex to serve the strategic ends of the imperial American government. The powers that be are scared. These are people with military training and Adam wants 10,000 armed individuals, or more, to march on DC with the stated goal of armed revolution. They are scared and they want a charismatic, consistent voice for liberty like Adam’s to be silent.

Perhaps it really is that simple (no matter what justifications the judge announces to the media, see the WashPo article linked below). The effort to free Adam is a proxy for our ongoing liberty evolution.

Continue reading at: Shield Mutual


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