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Why Branding Obesity as a Disease Is a Step in the WRONG Direction…

Posted on: July 6, 2013

By Dr. Mercola

The documentary film Hungry For Change1 is another revolutionary look at food and nutrition from the creators of the best-selling film Food Matters.

Exposing food industry secrets and strategies designed to keep you coming back for more, it reveals why so many are suffering with weight issues and poor health despite their best intentions.

The importance of this topic cannot be overstated, especially in light of recent developments.

In mid-June, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared obesity a disease, officially opening the door for a range of medical interventions to “treat” this modern scourge. Yet the root causes of obesity remain wholly ignored…

As reported by USA Today:2

“Experts in obesity have struggled for years to have obesity recognized as a disease that deserves medical attention and insurance coverage as do other diseases. Previously, the AMA and others have referred to obesity as ‘a major public health problem.’

‘The American Medical Association’s recognition that obesity is a disease carries a lot of clout,’ says Samuel Klein, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

‘The most important aspect of the AMA decision is that the AMA is a respected representative of American medicine. Their opinion can influence policy makers who are in a position to do more to support interventions and research to prevent and treat obesity.'”

We don’t need to throw billions of dollars into drug-based obesity treatment and prevention research. Well-educated nutritional experts already KNOW what’s causing obesity and how to fix the problem!

The truth is that the processed food industry needs to change, agricultural subsidies need to be updated to promote healthier fare, and the public needs to be told the truth about nutrition.

We also need to stop the dangerous marketing of junk food to children with their favorite cartoon characters or celebrities. Junk food companies know exactly what they are doing, and many children are pointing towards these unforgettable characters in the grocery aisles before they can speak.

Yet none of these factors are being addressed. Instead, money is being spent on obesity drugs and obesity vaccines, of all things! This truly is madness, if you ask me. Obesity is no more a disease than smoking is.

Who Benefits from Obesity Being Declared a Disease?

As Rob Kall, executive editor and publisher of OpEdNews.com3 recently stated:

“What is clear to me is that the medical profession, in an unholy alliance with corporations, is moving the healing profession further and further down the slippery slope of pathologization, just as psychiatry is doing. Cui bono is a question I like to ask—Who benefits?”

I believe it’s fair to assume that the biggest beneficiaries will be pharmaceutical companies, along with medical institutions at large. Meanwhile, it’s highly doubtful that their inventions will make a real dent. I would not be surprised if the medical treatment of obesity turns into another “war on cancer” fiasco.

Instead of focusing on low-cost lifestyle changes that address the root cause, the “pathologization” of obesity, to use Kall’s word, is only going to lead to more problems, not to mention drive health care costs skyward as expensive drug treatments are introduced and paid for by insurance companies.

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