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Posted on: June 16, 2013

While millions of Americans fret over how it can be possible that their data and phone calls can be eavesdropped without a warrant by thousands of low level NSA analysts (some even without High School diplomas), the rest of the world can fret over who or what protects them from the prying eyes of the Netplex without the benefit of one of these.

Afterall, 99.99% of the world’s internet traffic passes through the good old USA does it not?

And if Google and Facebook are selling your data to Coca Cola and JP Morgan, what makes anyone think they won’t sell it to the snoops?

And what is this statutory carrier indemnification we keep hearing about?

And, BTW, how the fuck do they know who is “foreign” and who is not anywho?

Do you remember having to show your birth certificate, drivers license or passport when you opened your Google or Facebook account?

Someone should ask the Vice Chairman of Booz Allen these questions since, evidently, he is the Former Director of the NSA.

To my Dad and all you fringe low brow Zero Hedge Dads…

Source: Zero Hedge


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