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Be free of prescription glasses and save money when you do buy

Posted on: May 17, 2013

Dr Deborah Banker Natural Vision Improvement Workshops

In one way or another, every system in the body contributes to vision. The eyes are one of the most sensitive barometers for health of the body. A vision problem usually isn’t just an eye problem; other parts of the body – heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and digestive system – may not be functioning properly.

In this one day Workshop, you will come to understand why vision deteriorates and how it can be corrected naturally. You will also learn exercises to strengthen your eyes’ ability to focus, thus reducing your need for glasses. Although visual deterioration is a natural part of aging, this process can be slowed, even reversed, with lifestyle changes, targeted exercise and proper nutrition.

Emotional tension influences eyesight. Tension in our bodies creates tension in our eye muscles. And that interferes with circulation to oxygen-sensitive eye tissue. This also causes the extra-ocular muscles to contract, which distorts vision.

The eyes are part of the brain, but they have a higher oxygen need than the brain itself. The back of the eye sees with a tiny area called the macula, which is only 1.5mm across. This area is vulnerable, because blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nourishment actually stop short of the macula. Nature designed the eye this way so you don’t see blood vessels when you look through your eyes. Anything like stress or caffeine that constricts the blood vessels, decreases oxygen flow to the eye and diminishes vision.

This condition can be corrected with eye exercises developed by Dr. Banker that stretch and tone the eye muscles. Stretching the whole body also helps to release tension and improve circulation to the eyes. Anything that releases stress and muscular tension of the overall system, such as deep breathing, yoga, hot baths or massage, improves circulation to the eyes.

Dr. Banker creates a unique health plan, combining cross-cultural exercises and traditional healing methods for each of her patients. The “Natural Vision Improvement” one day seminar gives you personal interaction with Dr. Banker as she guides you through your body, identifying where your system most needs attention. She then demonstrates the exercises and procedures that will assist you in bringing yourself to a more healthful state of being.

Vision Improvement Workshops are $400.00, registration a minimum of two weeks in advance is required.
The Workshops are held Saturdays, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM with a break for lunch. Included in the class is our vision improvement kit – the “Self Help Vision Care Kit”, which contains a 300 page workbook, 4 Audio Compact Discs, 1 DVD video, and 8 laminated charts, a $200.00 value.

Dr Banker’s Site

Here are two sites that you must look at to purchase prescription glasses.

Zinni Optical

Eye Buy Direct

These are direct, no affiliate, links.


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