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Common Sense Gun Control: “Kosher” Gun Laws

Posted on: May 14, 2013

1) If you criminally misuse a gun, your gun rights can be severed.

2) People who are mentally unfit to handle their own affairs may not bear arms.

3) Until the age of 18, your gun rights come from your parents.

4) You are responsible for the outcome of every shot you fire.

5) Because the God-given right of self-defense is inviolate, anyone who, under color of law, denies or attempts to deny your civil right to bear arms, pays a stiff fine and goes to prison.

Source: JFPO


1 Response to "Common Sense Gun Control: “Kosher” Gun Laws"

“4) You are responsible for the outcome of every shot you fire.”

I have read that on average a trained police officer will miss his target 80% of the time in a real shooting situation (as opposed to a target range).

If you read an FBI study some years ago on adopting a new, more powerful handgun cartridge they concluded that they should not place too much weight on a bullet being over-penetrative in fear that it might hit someone behind the person who was the target. Since they missed 80% of the time anyway, they probably shouldn’t worry too much about over-penetration.


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