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US to give $123 million military aid package to Syrian rebels (Al-CIA-da)

Posted on: April 21, 2013

How happy would the USA be if China or Russia were funding a domestic “rebel” group?

As Syria’s opposition forces and their main international allies meet in Istanbul, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has announced that the US will double its non-lethal military aid to Syria’s rebels.

The US$123 million defense aid package was announced by Kerry at the meeting in the Turkish capital on Sunday. The Secretary of State said the new non-lethal military supplies would go beyond the current provisions of food rations and medical kits, but did not elaborate.

“We want to see the coalition lead the way by ramping up its ability in order to be able to provide assistance, deliver services and respond to the needs of the Syrian people,” Kerry said.

He added that the Syrian opposition and foreign backers have agreed that all future aid to rebels will be channeled through opposition’s supreme military command.

The Syrian National Coalition said it firmly rejected “all forms of terrorism” and vowed to guarantee that any weapons it receives will not “fall into wrong hands.”

This comes after German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle stressed that the Syrian opposition must distance itself from “terrorist and extremist” forces.

Since February the US has shipped food and medical supplies to the Free Syrian Army, which has so far cost an estimated US$117 million, according to the White House.

President Obama has said he has no plans to send weapons or give lethal aid to the rebels, despite pressure from congress and some of his advisors.

Source: RT


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