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CCRKBA is wrong and Manchin-Toomey bill is more gun control

Posted on: April 16, 2013

First, addressing the potential 15-year penalty for violating the registry proscription, as others have observed, who’s going to enforce that, Eric Holder? And if he doesn’t and then stonewalls, what will Congress do then? Stretch out hearings for a couple years and then file a contempt charge that he’ll ignore and continue to stonewall in the courts?

As for Gottlieb’s contention that if the measures CCRKBA insists on are removed he’ll simply walk away from the deal, what makes him think that will matter, once the fear of voting for background checks has been removed in principle, and the very idea has been promoted as something that is supported by prominent gun rights advocates? Speaking of which, how many principled politicians are out there anyway, and how many constituents will follow the nuances of under which conditions a “yes” vote is considered either good or bad?

But really, all this is just arguing over dancing angels and heads of pins — the only acceptable answer for hard core gun owners is going to be “No,” and arguments about “goodies” and “Christmas tree ornaments” are hardly going to be persuasive to men and women who take their Bill of Rights seriously, because they know it was secured with powder, lead, steel and blood.

Put simply, while NRA is correct that the Manchin-Toomey bill is “misguided,” those who are the force behind citizen disarmament are flat-out fascist evil, and this is just one more incremental step in their quest for more control. You just don’t give such an enemy a beachhead from which to launch the next assault. And when circled by starving jackals, you don’t throw them a scrap of flesh and think that will induce them not to devour you.

Full article at: Examiner


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