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My response to Senator Toomey’s statement in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted on: April 15, 2013

By Hugh Jorgan

I am very disappointed that the man I have supported and voted for in the past, has given in to the hype that surrounds the issue.

Sure maybe we should believe that a national registry won’t be established with it, the government has never told an untruth. While we might not have a gun registry, we sure do have a firearms owner registry, and believe me there exists a firearms registry “pay no attention to what’s going on behind the curtain.”

We already have background checks in place, purchase prohibitions, and significant penalties for someone who sells a gun to a restricted buyer. In many cases you assume the same responsibility as the actor in a crime that uses the gun you sold to them. I have purchased several guns on line and not some BUT EVERY SINGLE ONE, has come to me through a background check at a licensed dealer. If you need an example of how to control private sales why not use the example of illegal drugs.

They’ve been illegal for almost 100 years in some cases and yet you can buy them on a street corner. You said it yourself, determined criminals can find ways to get guns when they want them. This whole thing about felons being denied purchase or ownership is kind of a new thing too. It seems the country did alright with felons owning firearms until 1968. For 192 years we managed to survive without the kind of crime and mayhem that goes on today even though felons could own guns. Curious isn’t it?

Maybe we should use Chicago’s example, they have a wealth of firearms prohibition yet they have the worst murder numbers in the country, the majority of which are commited with illegal firearms. Do these facts escape you? Adam Lanza broke about 40 laws at Sandy Hook, would another couple of laws have stopped it? He was denied purchase, CT restricts “assault weapons” yet it still took place.

I elected you to protect my interests. I’m tired of having to defend my rights from you and your peers. My vote will reflect my feelings more strongly in the future.


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