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Senate National Gun Registration will lead to National Confiscation List

Posted on: April 11, 2013

Stewart describes it very well. Thank you, Stewart. – Shorty Dawkins

“Ah yes, the smell of bipartisanship. Smells like …. treason. What was that about how we need to vote for Republicans because they are supposedly the lesser of two evils? This is the evil of two lessers. Both are oath breakers, and both are paving the way for disarmament.

Any requirement that you get permission before you buy or sell a gun – the mark of the Beast – is an infringement on your right to bear arms, and is backdoor registration. And with the well documented increase in the use of trumped up designations of mental incompetency – some for no other reason than a veteran being on anti-depression drugs or even for just supposedly not being able to pay is own bills – this background check scheme will be used to forcibly disarm more and more Americans.” – Stewart Rhodes
From the Washington Post:

By Ed O’Keefe and Tom Hamburger, Updated: Wednesday, April 10, 2:06 PM
A bipartisan group of senators has struck a deal to expand gun background checks to all commercial sales — whether at gun shows, via the Internet or in any circumstance involving paid advertising, according to Senate aides familiar with the talks.

The amendment to the guns legislation already proposed in the Senate would not cover private transactions between individuals, unless there was advertising or an online service involved.
While “there are aspects of the agreement that I might prefer to be stronger,” Obama said, it “does represent welcome and significant bipartisan progress.” He added: “Of course, a lot of work remains. Congress needs to finish the job. The Senate must overcome obstruction by defeating a threatened filibuster, and allow a vote on this and other common-sense reforms to protect our kids and our communities. Any bill still has to clear the House. So I’m going to keep asking the American people to stand up and raise their voices, because these measures deserve a vote — and so do the families and communities they’re designed to protect.”

Source: Oath Keepers


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