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LeRoy Carhart at the Germantown Reproductive Health Center in Germantown, MD murders unborn baby and Mother

Posted on: February 20, 2013

On February 3 Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, a 29-year old women started a process with her accomplice LeRoy Carhart at the Germantown Reproductive Health Center in Germantown, MD, meant to murder her unborn baby. Morbelli died from complications on February 7, after murdering her baby.

Pro-life groups were quick to set up prayer vigils and memorials for Ms. Morbelli, even though she died while murdering her unborn child.

For example, Troy Newman of “Pro-Life Nation” said in an e-mail message: “Jennifer was a beautiful woman was loved and cherished by many, whose future appeared bright. Her passing is an unspeakable tragedy…We are dedicated to working through the legal system to ensure that no more women will suffer Jennifer’s fate.”

Sadly, in Mr. Newman’s statement and press release, he does not breathe one word about the baby that was murdered. Is Mr. Newman advocating better regulations so that women are safe when they take their children to be slaughtered.

David Lewis of The Society for Truth and Justice states:

“Is Mr. Newman a pro-life advocate, or an advocate for people who take their babies to be murdered, such as Ms. Morbelli? Mr. Newman is correct that this is an unspeakable tragedy. We send our sympathies to the Morbelli family for the untimely loss of this women, however; the greater tragedy is the deliberate murder of a baby girl who had a bright future ahead of her and who’s body is probably now decomposing in a landfill. Baby Morbelli will spend her eternity in Heaven, however we should fear for Ms. Morbelli’s soul. Hopefully she repented for the shameful, evil, and despicable crime of murdering her own baby before she breathed her last breath. It would be a fearful, dreadful thing to leave this life and face God in the middle of committing a murder.”

Andrew Beacham of the Society for Truth and Justice states:

“Many so called ‘Pro-Lifer Leaders’ are sending warm and kind eulogies concerning a woman who died shortly after murdering her baby; this should cause all of us to wonder if they know a child was just murdered by her mother, and it is mere coincidence the mother happened to die through the course of committing her crime.

“I ask, where is the concern for the poor murdered baby, the victim in this crime?

“How much sympathy should we have for a KKK member who fell and broke his neck while lynching a black man? How much sympathy should we have for a Nazi soldier who was accidentally locked into a gas chamber with the Jews he was gassing? How much sympathy should we have for a man who died of a ‘heart attack’ while running down and killing his wife? Why should we have sympathy for a mother who murders her child by an ‘abortion’ and dies herself while committing this crime? I stand with the victims, not the criminals, and my duty is to seek justice for the babies.”

It appears that ‘pro-life leaders’ are losing their way and their focus. Today and forever, members of The Society for Truth and Justice, mourn the death of Baby Morbelli and the deaths of the other 55 million babies that have been snuffed out by murderers before they were even born.
This article was originally published in blog: I mourn the death of the baby murdered in botched abortion, not the mother that died. started by CincinnatiKid

Source: Prolife Warrior


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