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If you were to carefully review the thousands of studies published on soy, I strongly believe you would reach the same conclusion as I have—which is, the risks of consuming unfermented soy products FAR outweigh any possible benefits.

Notice I said unfermented soy products.

For centuries, Asian people have been consuming fermented soy products such as natto, tempeh, and soy sauce, and enjoying the health benefits. Fermented soy does not wreak havoc on your body like unfermented soy products do.

Unfortunately, many Americans who are committed to healthy lifestyles have been hoodwinked and manipulated into believing that unfermented and processed soy products like soymilk, soy cheese, soy burgers and soy ice cream are good for them.

How Did Soy Foods Become So Popular?

If it seems like soy foods appeared out of nowhere to be regarded as the “miracle health food” of the 21st Century, it’s because they did.

From 1992 to 2006, soy food sales increased from $300 million to nearly $4 billion, practically overnight, according to the Soyfoods Association of North America. This growth came about due to a massive shift in attitudes about soy. And this shift was no accident—it was the result of a massive investment in advertising by the soy industry that’s been wildly successful.

Soy is indeed big business, very big business.

From 2000 to 2007, U.S. food manufacturers introduced more than 2,700 new soy-based foods, and new soy products continue to appear on your grocer’s shelves.

According to the survey Consumer Attitudes About Nutrition 2008 (by the United Soybean Board):

As of 2007, 85 percent of consumers perceive soy products as healthful
33 percent of Americans eat soy foods or beverages at least once a month
70 percent of consumers believe soybean oil is good for them
84 percent of consumers agree with the FDA’s claim that consuming 25 grams of soy protein daily reduces your risk of heart disease
This is a tragic case of shrewd marketing and outright lies taking root among the masses with the end result of producing large profits for the soy industry and impaired health for most who have been deceived into using unfermented soy long-term..

As you can see from the extensive list of articles below, there is a large amount of scientific research showing that soy is not the nutritional panacea of the 21st Century.

The Dark Side of Soy

The vast majority of soy at your local market is not a health food. The exception is fermented soy, which I’ll explain more about later and even worse GMO soy that is contaminated with large pesticide residues as the reason it is GMO is so they can spray the potent toxic herbicide Roundup on them to improve crop production by killing the weeds.

Unlike the Asian culture, where people eat small amounts of whole non-GMO soybean products, western food processors separate the soybean into two golden commodities—protein and oil. And there is nothing natural or safe about these products.

Dr. Kaayla Daniel, author of The Whole Soy Story, points out thousands of studies linking soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, immune-system breakdown, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders and infertility—even cancer and heart disease.

Here is just a sampling of the health effects that have been linked to soy consumption:

Breast cancer
Brain damage
Infant abnormalities
Thyroid disorders
Kidney stones
Immune system impairment
Severe, potentially fatal food allergies
Impaired fertility
Danger during pregnancy and nursing

Soy proponents will argue that soy-based foods (they lump the fermented ones with the unfermented) will protect you from everything from colon, prostate and breast cancer to strokes, osteoporosis, and asthma.

But said enthusiasts never mention the studies that illuminate soy’s downside and all of the dangers posed to your health, which are based on sound research.

Another unfortunate fact is that 80 percent of the world’s soy is used in farm animal feed, which is why soy production is contributing to deforestation. Some soy propagandists have suggested that the solution to this is for all of us to become vegetarians—a reckless recommendation rooted in total ignorance about nutrition—whereas a far better solution is a major overhaul in how farm animals are fed and raised.

Source: Mercola


An Open letter to the Citizens of New York and its government;

I am William V Kone, the seventh generation to be born in Tompkins County New York. Because of Military Service, I have not lived in New York for over half my life. In that time I kept my residency in New York because I always planed on returning when I retired. I have now given up that hope and my residency.

It only seems fair to give the reason for this decision to sever ties with a State that my family has been an active part of since 1794. The final act by the government of New York that has caused this is the recent passing of yet another anti-firearm law. That is the last straw.

For years I let NYS tax my income, paid the high fees to register and inspect my cars, paid high property taxes, struggled though excessive regulations, and begged for permission to own a firearm even though it is a right listed in the Constitution I have sworn to protect and defend.

But no more. The recent oppressive law will not allow me to bring home my firearms, will make me a felon for a “violent” crime of having empty magazines (a “crime” that only exists in 5 other states), prohibit me from ever giving my firearms to my daughters, restrict my ability to protect my family, and make it a crime to have more than 7 bullets for my daughters to protect themselves with.

That was too much. On top of all the other issues, the high taxes on income, the high sales taxes, high property taxes, excessive rules on land use, restrictions on building homes, large number of fees and fines, high crime rates, the high cost of living, and low quality of roads and services this law and the new ones being proposed to take away all semi-auto rifles is too much.

Some of you are saying “good riddance, we don’t need your type here anyways”. I’m sorry you feel that way, New York is losing a stable family that is highly educated, hard working, has a history of public service. No more will I pay taxes to NYS, sales, income or any fees. I won’t be setting up a business after I retire in New York. My kids are not likely to go to college in NYS or get jobs here.

New York is losing a firefighter/Paramedic, Emergency Manager, and military vet in me, and an Industrial Engineer and Minister in my spouse. We won’t be building our dream home that generates property tax, we wont be earning income in New York to be taxed on, we won’t be paying the high cost of living that generates sales taxes.

We will be retiring to some place that respects our Constitutional listed rights, that does not treat us as sources of funding for others, that provides good service for the taxes they do collect, and is more responsive to the voters. (and able to budget with out massive debt servicing). We are looking at Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and New Hampshire.

We will still visit, just not as often, or need to as more of the family moves out of state. I would urge others to look at how the state treats you, and consider moving. If you do, write the Governor and state officials, let them know why and what the state is losing when you do.

To the Citizens of New York, We live in a Republic, we don’t have to stay where we are not wanted or are treated badly. Other states are excited to have firearm owners who will work hard and are good neighbors.

To the government of New York, repealing this recent bad law won’t get me to return. The state needs to make fundamental changes. It can’t keep treating working citizens as piggy banks to be taxed, fee’ed and fined at will to fund inefficient unneeded programs. It shouldn’t and can’t keep restricting the basic rights of the Citizens of New York. You don’t own us, we will leave.

William V Kone, BSc, NREMT-P, currently serving in US Military in a unit in Wheeling WV. Former tax payer and resident of the Town of Caroline, Tompkins county.

cc: Governor Cuomo; LT Gov. Duffy; Comptroller DiNapoli; AG Schneiderman; Sectary Perales; State Sen. Seward (51st); Assembly-Woman Lifton (125th); Mayor Myrick (City of Ithaca); Supervisor Barber (Town of Caroline)

Read comments at TSP

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Just a month after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the strictest gun control law in the country, state officials plan to make some exemptions.

The law toughened restrictions on military-style rifles and high-capacity semiautomatic handguns, but those restrictions will be changed so those types of weapons can be used on the sets of television shows and movies being shot in New York.

“We spend a lot of money in the state bringing movie production here, post production here. So obviously we would want to facilitate that,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo said the prop firearms used in films would probably not be classified as an assault weapon.

“But people want certainty and there’s no reason not to make a change like that,” the governor added. “Apparently, they have blanks or they have phony magazines or something.”

Cuomo and lawmakers announced on Wednesday that they’ll also fix an error that made its way into the law.

The measure passed so quickly that as it reads now, police officers carrying high-capacity magazines could be in violation of the law, Diamond reported.

The need for a “clean-up” bill means the fight over the law may not be over after all.

An estimated 10,000 opponents of the new restrictions will descend on Albany Thursday as legislators consider additional amendments.

Source: CBS NY


Posted on: February 28, 2013

It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.

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