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John Lott’s Inbox. Love and compassion from people who hate the Constitution

Posted on: December 19, 2012

Here are some of the emails that I have been receiving after my appearances on TV shows. Please don’t write me about these emails. No support is being requested. I just thought that a record should be made of the emotions involved in the debate.

As a physician and mother of 3 school age children, I watched in disgust as you tried to make a case for more guns/less violence on CNN. You and all of your gun happy delusional comrades are responsible for the murders of the children in sandy hook, the teachers, the shoppers in the malls, the moviegoers. How can you possibly sleep at night knowing evil exists and has easy access to semiautomatic weapons and murder/massacre???? Please show some dignity and empathy. After watching you on TV, I have nothing but pity and disgust for you and would love to start a bonfire with your books!!!
Laird Landrieu wrote:
How much does the NRA pay

you? I wonder if your fucking publisher knows

you’re on the take.

Soledad ripped your fucking head off, you asshole.
Weinstein, Michael wrote:
Are you finally beginning to comprehend the danger of assault weapons and 50 round magazines in the hands of the citizenry of our Nation? Have you learned anything from the massacre of the tiny children of Newtown, you ignorant putz?!

You just don’t get it asshole, and you never will. Again, you are the paradign example of why the so-called “Republican Party” has been decimated and will continue to be for decades to come.

Tony Scott wrote:

First of all, whatever happened to your eyebrows?! Seriously what happened?!

You look like an old lady that drew their eyebrows on! You should not be going on TV with those clown eyebrows. Doesn’t matter what the hell happened, but the good news is that most people don’t hear a word coming out of your mouth because we’re too busy laughing at your face.

Beyond your clown face, you’re simply an idiot. Maybe the next time yet another massacre occurs with yet another semi-automatic/automatic rifle/gun, it’ll be your mother, your wife, your daughter, your son, your father will be the target. Imagine if you had to watch someone kill them right in front of you.

On that day, that very day, make sure to draw your clown eyebrows on and tell the world how you support semi/automatic weapons, while standing over their graves. Then, we’ll see how your argument collapses on itself. And if you’re the one on the other side of an automatic/semi automatic gun – that’ll be one less pathetic moron that we’ll have to listen to.
Mike Beer wrote:
Your greed and self-serving agenda is hurting this country. If you cannot see that, you are insane. Please stop. Please stop hurting this country. We need more gun laws.

Michael A. Beer

Baltimore, MD
Mikey Brennan wrote:

You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting people killing innocent children. More guns does not equate to less killing. It’s simple. Why are you on my television screen you thinking is seriously backward.

Ruddy, Bill wrote:

You, the NRA, and politicians have the blood of children on your hands. Use some of the money from your book to try and wipe it off.

Laura Manson wrote:

I just heard you speaking on CNN.
You sicken me.

Beverly M Zado wrote:

You and others (NRA) are just as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger. You quote statistics. You can make statistics say anything you want. You should have to go to the next mass shooting, help the first responders clean up the mess and inform the families of those killed. You and other only have one objective, TO MAKE MONEY.

Marion Reisz wrote:

You are horrible. How you can still stand by your disgusting theory is beyond the minds of rational people . You should be ashamed of yourself.

Brian Fisher wrote:

Just the fact that you are on TV tonight – self promotion to your 50 followers.

The more I think that you would go on that show to justify the gun lobby, I get more enraged.

You have a PHD???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Holy fuck – WAKE THE FUCK UP
Deborah Brandon wrote:
The blood of those poor babies and the brave staff that tried to protect them is on your hands.
Marty wrote:
You fucking anti-gun control idiot make me sick. I honestly believe that the blood of these children are on your hands. You will go on the air and preach that gun control is not the solution, that people kill, not guns, how if guns are controlled only criminals will have guns and it is all bullshit. Your stupid right wing ideology is at odds with reality and the only fortunate thing is that the future demographic trends are ultimately going to sweep you into the dunghill of history. Good riddance. May you rot in hell.
RJ Erffmeyer wrote:
Dear Cunt Muffin,
You’re a two bit scholar, who’s work has never been published in a peer-reviewed journal. We all know that you’re on the payroll for the right Wing propaganda factories, aka “think tanks”. You’re a sick cynical man who only wants to increase the profits of gun manufacturers at the expense of more dead children. I hope you get cancer and die.

Robert Erffmeyer Jr

PS: who the fuck still uses Only dumb fucks, that who. Go kill yourself.
Bob Reese wrote:
Die you fucking shit. I want to run you over with my car. I want to back up over you again and again until you are complete ground to mush.
Some other recent emails.

Mark Peyton wrote:
It turns my stomach that I am even sending you this email because it
means you gained exposure whether bad or good. All I can say is I am
extremely sorry members of your family were not in the theater in
Colorado. Maybe then your southern, white trash thoughts and opinions
on gun control may carry some weight. I hope we cross paths at some
point in the future because your arguments and opinions are both
horrible and I would love to be face to face with you.

Seriously sir, I mean this in the nicest way possible, go fuck
yourself you worthless sack of dog excrement. Take your little gun
wielding friends with you, go kill each other off and let a country
with a horrible reputation around the globe fix itself when it comes
to things like the violence pertaining to gun control. Take it from
someone who lives in a country that has only 100 murders a year.

Pinnacle Marketing Partners wrote:
Have you always been a fucking idiot or is this a new development?
Don’t rule out suicide John, you would leave the world a better place
You are a fuc*ing fool who is guilty of murder by proxy. You should rot in Hell.

Bill Dodson

Jude Tulla wrote:
I am STUNNED to see how incredibly stupid and completely controlled by the NRA you are!!! I fear for the future of the U.S.A. with any idiots like you in a position to “teach”, i.e. BRAINWASH, students who will lead our nation. I can only hope that instead of INNOCENT people being victims of gun violence, it will somehow DIRECTLY effect people like you who lobby for more liberal gun laws!!!! You are a TOTAL ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!
Jim wrote:
Wow you are one dumb fucking idiot. You gun loving redneck , you just don`t GET IT do you ? We need LESS guns on this planet , in fact NO GUNS would make this a beautiful world compared to your fucking nightmare. You need help you sick twisted fuck . The stats overwhelmingly show that you are more likely to shoot your own family member than someone breaking into your house , & it`s happened over and over & over again .
Mark Campbell wrote:
You are a fuc*ing fool who is guilty of murder by proxy. You should rot in Hell.

Bill Dodson

Source: John Lott


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Mr, Lott, thank you for your work.

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