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Who is Eustace Conway and why is he a threat?

Posted on: December 5, 2012

Government should serve the people. Unfortunately, over time the nature of government is to grow beyond its usefulness. It becomes unhealthy and obese.

When our country was formed it was based on awesome ideals. The flag and the national anthem represented those ideals. So far so good. But over time those ideals slip further and further away until all we are left with is a song, a flag and a government that has lost touch with its fundamental purpose.

As government continuously increases it’s control over every aspect of our lives we lose more and more of our freedoms. What threatens the growth of government? Is it the fiscal cliff we are hearing about in the news? Is it the citizen anger over government bailouts? Is it the loss of faith in central planning? How about the debasement of our currency? How about the growing concern over the government trampling our civil liberties? Is it Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street protests?

No. When we’re angry we’re still engaged… We still show up to vote for this candidate or that candidate and expect them to right the ship.

The real threat to government is when it is ignored. When we turn our backs on it and demonstrate that we no longer need it.

Like an incorrigible narcissist, government demands our attention. When citizens no longer feel the need to bow in adoration, fear, or submission, government takes great offense.

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if we learned how to take care of ourselves? To become more self-reliant? More resilient? What if we didn’t need government deciding everything for us?

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