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Thomas DiLorenzo on Spielberg’s “Lincoln” (Part 1)

Posted on: December 4, 2012


1 Response to "Thomas DiLorenzo on Spielberg’s “Lincoln” (Part 1)"

With this 6th? –7th? Lincoln, Spielberg
continues his long pattern of delivering
on cue, ‘on board’ predictive programming
and PC moral alibis for the capstone agenda
—and things unfolding.

Remember Spielberg began his career
with soft programming for Project Blue Beam
—-and his guilt trippy PC ode of old China
————–‘Empire of the Sun’————–
during the heyday of Globalist handover to
RED China and near the eve of the

Further, in 2012, surely the ONLY urgently
relevant aspect of the Lincoln legacy yet
to be treated, or even mentioned, by
Hollywood and media was his quite possibly
diss of the Globalist banking syndicate over
finance of the war.

ALLLLL oddly OMITTED from the Spielberg

As always, BEWARE! celebrations of enforced
‘equality’ as advocated by BILLIONAIRE
Hollywood producers in Trotsky glasses.

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