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BREAKING NEWS! Cops Open Fire On Men, Women & Children

Posted on: July 23, 2012

Last week, on one of my radio shows, I commented on summertime riots being as American as baseball, apple pie and motherhood–and wondered why we hadn’t seen any riots yet his summer. The weather’s hot, tempers are short, and lots of people are unemployed. Circumstances seemed conducive to rioting. And yet, I couldn’t see or “feel” any predisposition in the society to have a riot. Despite the nation’s economic stress, everyone seems to be staying pretty cool.

Of course, I was expecting blacks or Hispanics to riot. I hadn’t even imagined that some members of another another minority–the police–might riot. Silly me.

Here’s a video of about ten cops assaulting a group of people who are unarmed, on their own property, and accompanied by their children and at least one baby. Some or all of the cops are armed with weapons that only fire rubber bullets. In the video provided, I didn’t see a single cop protesting his fellow officers’ assault.

Cooler heads did not prevail. As I watch this video, I do not see a “police action”. I see something that reminds me of a military occupation.

The way the cops walk and posture reminds me of videos I’ve seen of U.S. mercenaries in Iraq or Afghanistan terrorizing local civilians. Apparently, some of those mercenaries have come home and some will be more than happy to now terrorize American civilians. One of the cops releases a K-9 (German shepherd) which attacks a woman holding a baby. All of the civilians are intimidated. Some are terrified. A few are shot with rubber bullets. The cops behaved like Nazi storm troopers rounding up Jews.

The cops rioted. They’re so used to being able to get away with murder, that not one cop is seen to suggest that shouldn’t attack the civilians. The whole thing is insane.

The cops rioted.

I don’t doubt that some of the people assaulted by the police were illegal aliens. I’m no fan of illegal aliens. If it were up to me, I’d deport every illegal alien and every politician who’s encouraged or tolerated the illegals’ invasion of this country.

But I have brains enough to know that Americans have more to fear from police who are free to riot than from illegals who are free to invade. The police conduct in this video is absolutely inexcusable and intolerable. If the cops can act like Nazis when they confront Hispanics, they’ll act like Nazis when they confront blacks, and they’ll act like Nazis when they confront whites. The confrontation on this video cannot justified or excused. Every cop who participated in this riot should be fired, sued into poverty, and prosecuted criminally.

After the cops cooled off they reportedly offered to buy the videos off the cell phones held by the people. The reason for buying the cellphone videos was, presumably, to obstruct justice by destroying evidence of a crime.

What’s this country coming to? How long can these sorts of “official” atrocities show up on YouTube before the public does riot? What kind of wrist slaps do you suppose will be suffered by the pigs? Will more “wrist slaps” further antagonize the public?

How long before snipers start shooting at police or placing bombs in Post Offices? And if a sniper kills a cop, do you suppose the morons in this video will recognize their personal responsibility for motivating the sniper when they participated in their own assault on unarmed families?

The summer’s not yet over. There’s still time for a riot by a minority other than the police.

Source: Adask


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