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“I Think Ron Paul Just Won Iowa!” Rachel Maddow

Posted on: April 26, 2012

According to Whiteout Press:

“Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely

“April 24, 2012. Des Moines. Two networks yesterday, CNBC and MSNBC, broadcast a little known fact – Ron Paul appears to be winning the Republican nomination for President. When the popular Texas Congressman repeatedly assured supporters that the race was about delegates, not beauty contests, he apparently knew what he was talking about. Now, after three more states locked in delegates to the GOP nominating convention – CO, MN and IA – indicators point to a brokered convention with a possible, even probable, Ron Paul victory. . . . ”Keep in mind that every major US news outlet continues to show Texas Congressman Ron Paul in last place for the GOP nomination and with only 75 delegates. View Politico’s delegate tracker as an example. They show Rep. Paul winning 3 delegates in Colorado, 17 in Minnesota and 1 in Iowa. Those networks however, have based their numbers on which candidate each state’s delegates are pledged or likely to vote for. The more important number is who they actually do vote for. And in that race, the only race that matters, Ron Paul is shocking the political world.”

The video below is from Rachel Maddow and touches on the same phenomenon: Mitt Romney does not have the GOP nomination wrapped up because Ron Paul may have outsmarted all of the other Republican candidates. Her video is both amusing and satisfying in that it implies that all the hustlers, con-artists and political geniuses who presume to run the Republican Party may have been beaten by one wise, old man.

Imagine what the public response will be if Ron Paul “beats” the Republican Party elite. It wouldn’t be a mere political victory. It would be the triumph of substance over style. It would be evidence that this seemingly frail senior citizen–who doesn’t “look” or even sound “presidential”–is one cagey, powerful man.

If Paul can turn the GOP nomination into a “brokered convention,” it will be absolute evidence that he’s the smartest s.o.b. in the race. A brokered convention would inspire enormous public confidence in Paul’s abilities. A brokered convention will prove that not only Paul, but the People can beat the “machine”. If Paul can cause a brokered GOP convention, I believe America will stampede to support him–and I don’t think the mainstream media will be able to ignore or deny that stampede.

If Romney wins the nomination, the November election should be close. Obama might win. Romney might win.

But if Paul wins the GOP nomination, I think he’ll inspire the American people with so much hope and optimism that he’ll beat Obama in a landslide.

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