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Ron Paul Money Bomb. It’s just Willard and Dr. Paul left in the race for 2012 GOP!

Posted on: April 16, 2012

Time is running out.

If you read my dad’s latest email, you know his campaign experienced tremendous success gathering delegates in Minnesota, where he swept all three conventions, and in Colorado this past weekend.

But there will be four more conventions taking place in Minnesota alone this Saturday.

And over the next two months, more than nine states will be holding massive conventions to choose national delegates.

Meanwhile, Texas and California will head to the polls, with hundreds more delegates at stake.

If my dad doesn’t have the resources to give these efforts his all, the establishment will be happy to scoop up the delegates he would have taken.

But these fights can’t be waged at the last minute.

If my dad is to continue his amazing string of victories at state and local conventions, he must have the funds right away in order to keep carrying out his strategy.

So please, click on the link below to donate to my dad’s Taxpayer Freedom Money Bomb.

And I hope you’ll ask your family and friends to join you in giving to this critical project.

For Liberty,

Rand Paul


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