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Ron Paul 2012

Posted on: April 14, 2012

Three videos. Each illustrates that this nation will suffer a significant loss if it fails to elect Ron Paul this year. He is a Goldwater-like character who is really trying to do what’s best for the nation rather than some special interest groups. He is no involved in treason. He routinely attracts crowds that the other Republican candidates can’t duplicate or even imagine. And yet, it seems likely that Americans will elect another jerk comparable to Lyndon Johnson (who defeated Goldwater in A.D. 1964).

But even if Dr.Paul is not elected this year, he will have an enormous impact on American politics. Wikipedia describes Goldwater as “the politician most often credited for sparking the resurgence of the American conservative political movement in the 1960s,” Dr. Paul will also be credited with sparking the resurgence of the American constitutional movement of the 2020s.

The truth is that while all of us are called to fight, not all of us are called to win. No matter. Those who fight today lay the foundation for those who win tomorrow.

Source: Adask


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