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America Follows Argentina?

Posted on: March 18, 2012

I received the following Power Point presentation in my email today. It explains that in A.D. 1902 (just 100 years ago), Argentina was the second most powerful economy in the world. England was first. The US was third. The Argentinians’ standard of living was second only to England.

However, Argentina elected politicians who fed the people of bunch of communist and/or fascists crapola, built up huge bureaucracies, subjected the Argentinian people to enormous debt, and even imposed a fascist dictatorship. The result was national chaos, decline, violence and “disappeared” dissidents.

Today, the Argentinian economy is the world’s 28th largest. The Argentinian people’s standard of living is 45th.

The presentation argues that the US is following in Argentina’s footsteps and can therefore expect to suffer a similar economic and political catastrophe.

I disagree with the presentation on one point: it implies that all of Argentina’s problems were caused by leftists and blames all of America’s coming problems on Democrats. America’s biggest enemy is big government. There’s no reason to believe that radical communists at the top of our Democrat party are any more dangerous to this nation than the radical fascists at the top of the Republican party.

So long as our government is divided up between big-government Democrats and big-government Republicans, we’re headed towards national destruction and a New World Order.

We need a third political party that’s fundamentally and permanently opposed to any and all big government–no matter what label that big government operates under. If they’re raising taxes, raising the deficits, or raising government services, throw the bastards out. The fundamental issue is not party affiliation–it’s governmental size. Those who seek more government under any pretext or label are the principle enemies of the American people.

Download PowerPoint and Source: Adask


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