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UPDATE: WeAreCHANGE members arrest

Luke, Manny and Anthony were transfered Central Bookings at 100 Centre street in New York City until tomorrow morning. This was a set up. The NYPD knew they were coming and was told to stay in one particular spot and was never asked to leave. The Bloomberg people also told them to stay in one particular spot and was not asked to leave. Therefore, Luke, Manny and Anthony were not trespassing and were wrongfully arrested. Manny was arrested for filming and his face was also smashed by under the care of the police in the squad car. While in Central bookings, other people were let out of the cell, but Luke, Manny and Anthony remained in Central Bookings. The NYPD Intelligence and Bloomberg Security confiscated the three cameras with all the footage. They also kept a picture camera were snooping and looking through all the pictures. The NYPD Intelligence Officer saw photos of Luke shooting a gun at a shooting range and was asking him if he had a license for that and accusing him of owning guns without a license. THERE IS A NEW NUMBER TO CALL. THEY ARE NO LONGER IN THE PRECINCT. NOW WE HAVE TO CALL CENTRAL BOOKINGS THE NUMBER IS: Central Booking (212) 374-3921 New York County (Manhattan) Criminal Court (212) 374-5880 100 Centre Street (one block north of Worth Street, three blocks south of Canal Street).

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